Haunted Tales: The Shadow Dogs

I didn’t know shadow dogs existed until I saw them when I was a little girl. I was the only child of older parents and because my dad is an atheist, I was told that ghosts and other paranormal beings were not real. My mom was right behind my dad on his beliefs and we never talked about religion or anything in the house. I was very well cared for and my parents are good people. I grew up relatively normal in a beautiful suburb.

But I was also tormented by visions that I couldn’t understand. Every night, right before I doze off to bed, I would find myself waking up and seeing black, dog-like shadows in my room. I remember their reddish amber eyes and the foam in their mouths. Their bodies were almost transparent, like you could see right through them. They looked like ghost dogs, to be honest. They would growl, snarl, snap their jaws and try to bite me.


I would be paralyzed with fear that I couldn’t breathe. Every apparition comes with a weird smell, like damp earth. I would wake up to a low, slow, guttural, unearthly growl and I would see seven or eight shadow dogs at the foot of my bed, pacing back and forth. I would scream and my mom or my dad would come several nights in what felt like months. My mom started sleeping with me in my room because I would cry hysterically if she leaves.

The haunting went on for almost two years but it became less and less frequent when I convinced myself that they weren’t real. The shadow dogs aren’t completely gone. Some nights, just as I was about to drift off to sleep, when my defenses are down, I would feel them trying to attack. But I just dismiss the thought and go to sleep.

Haunted Tales: The Old Cemetery

I never had weird experiences other than the time I was riding in a beat up old VW Beetle with my friend sometime in the 90s. We were drunk and it was around 2 in the morning. We drove to an old dirt road in Auxier, Kentucky. The road goes up to the top of the hill where our town’s old cemetery was.

We were messing around and laughing obnoxiously as we parked just below the main entrance of the cemetery. As I was rolling a cigarette, I saw a quick movement from the corner of my eye. I snapped my head to that direction and saw a man standing on the opposite side of the Beetle’s window, peering curiously at me. At the same time, my friend, who was driving the car, looked to his side and there was no one there.


I asked nervously if my friend saw what I saw and he nodded. Since he was the closest to the mysterious guy, I asked how the guy looked. He said the man had long red hair, a mustache and a beard. He was wearing a cap and overalls. It was the same guy I saw.

Both of us look around for the guy who was checking us out in the car but we were alone. There was no way a man that big could move around so fast! Our fear got the best of us so we drive back to the dirt road and away from the old cemetery.

Apparently, we weren’t the only ones who’s had weird experience in the old cemetery. Some people tell me that they always see a man walking through the cemetery at night. It could be the same guy we saw that vanished into thin air. Needless to say, we never went back to that place again.

Haunted Tales: The Burial Ground

Our house sits between two pastures and behind each one are hills full of trees. Things have always been quiet in the south, nothing exciting ever happens, at least that’ what I believed as a child. But weird things did happen and it started after my best friend and I literally stumbled upon large piles of stones at the back of the pastures.

We thought they might be Indian burial ground or something. Instead of leaving the damn stones alone, we got curious and started checking out the rocks. I even saw weird knobs of marble in there and larger, heavier rocks piles high. They were strange structures.

I started collecting bits of the rocks and marble, just small ones. This went on for a while. I only stopped after I started having weird dreams. And it took me a while to see the connection but I’m getting ahead of the story.


The night I bought some of the rocks home for the first time, I sleepwalked. Well, this wasn’t the first time I sleepwalked. My mom said I sleepwalked once when I was five. This happened when I was around 12. My mom said she saw me go down the stairs and into the kitchen. She thought I went down to have a glass of water but she heard the back door open. She got up and went to the back just in time to see me rushing out of the house at 1 in the morning.

She stopped me and I began talking about saving Rick. Confused, she asked what I was talking about and I repeated what I said. I said Rick is my horse and I have to save him. She realized at that point that I sleepwalked again. She comforted me, told me she’ll take care of Rick and bought me back to my bedroom.

The next night, I had a nightmare. I heard a lot of people screaming and yelling and I went to our backdoor to look outside the window and I saw a dark, massive silhouette appearing just over the hills. Its hands were resting upon the hilltops. I tried waking up my family as the shadow started making its way towards our house. Then I woke up and I was sweating furiously.

I also had the same nightmare the next night, but this time, I was being chased by something in my own bedroom. I couldn’t see what it was only its eyes. The dream ended with me jumping of the window to escape whatever it is that’s chasing me.

On the fourth night, I was sleep walking again. My parents woke to see me screaming that the shadow was in my brother’s room and I was shaking and crying. Perplexed, they checked my brother’s room and he was sound asleep. They let me sleep in their bed that night.

On the morning of the fifth day of weirdness, a thought came into my mind. It was random but it was strange too. I thought to myself, the marble knob is responsible for these strange events. Without thinking twice, I took all the stones I collected and threw them as near to the pasture where we saw the rocks, as I could.

All strange dreams stopped that night. This happened to me 30 years ago and even to this day, I cannot explain what it was that terrorized me as a kid.

Haunted House: My Boyfriend’s Haunted Apartment

I have been living with my boyfriend for a few months now and although he warned me that his apartment is haunted, I really didn’t take any of it seriously. I can’t help but be skeptical about his stories because I have always been a non-believer when it comes to ghosts. I believe in aliens though. Anyway, I digress.

On my first week living in his apartment, I didn’t notice anything weird. I thought to myself, my boyfriend’s mind must’ve been playing tricks on him that’s why he thought his apartment was haunted. But of course, as the days went by, I started seeing or hearing weird things.

Okay, like one time, I was washing the dishes and I could’ve sworn I heard whispering from the other room. It was such a random thing that I noticed right away! So, I went to that room, which was the study, and opened the door. No one was there. I felt a cold chill run down my spine. I quickly closed the door and went out for a burrito until my boyfriend went back from work. I didn’t tell him anything though.


And then one time, I was taking a cat nap on a weekend and I heard a loud banging in the kitchen. I was alone at that time, my boyfriend went to the grocery to fetch a couple of things. I bolted right up and without thinking, scampered to the kitchen, expecting to see something but there was nothing. I was creeped out that after the boyfriend and I went out for coffee, I told him what I’ve been experiencing. I felt like a fool for making fun of him before and he was teasing me about it.

Anyway, most of the things I experienced in my boyfriend’s apartment are random noises in the afternoons. I thought that was it until I had one of those sleep paralysis thing. I was asleep, I know it, and yet, I was strangely aware of my surroundings, like my eyes are open but I couldn’t move, talk or scream.

From the corner of my eyes, I saw two long shadows gathering in the darker corner of our room. I felt my boyfriend’s body shift to my side and I was frantically trying to move or scream, or create any noise that would make him shake me awake. And there was nothing coming out of my mouth. I felt helpless as the shadows began drawing nearer and nearer. I was terrified when one of the shadows looked as if it was reaching out for my hand when I felt like I was pushed back to my body and I was awake. But boy, I felt super thirsty and drained, like I ran a marathon or something.

Within several weeks, we decided to move out because I found out I was pregnant and we wanted to live in a place where we can really relax and not go through any stressful and weird things in that place.

Haunted Tales: Was That A Bear With Red Eyes?

I live in the south all my life and as you can imagine, I have seen things that logic cannot explain. When I was in my 20s, I was always out hunting with a bunch of friends. We usually get Tim’s beat up truck, get a cooler filled with beer and just camp out in the nearby lake. We go there just to gett drunk, shoot a few games and then build bomb fires, usual stuff.

But one time, we decided to camp out to the other side of the lake, the one near the woods. I heard stories about that place but we were young and drunk and not even a Bigfoot can scare us out of the woods, you know? So we pulled down and started building our camp. That place was eerie because everything was too quiet. Which was weird because it’s right beside the woods. You’re supposed to hear random noises from the wild animals, etc.


I didn’t really point that out because I didn’t want to get everyone spooked but I can see that the rest of the boys noticed too because they seemed, restless. They kept looking over their shoulders. It was an hour past midnight when we decided to get going. Just as we were packing our things, we felt like something was out there in the woods watching us from the darkness. It was a weird, inexplicable feeling that even now, I can’t describe it.

Suddenly someone from the woods threw a rock at our jeep, missing the windshield by inches. And the rock was huge, like the size of a bowling ball! We totally freaked out and we started hollerin’ for the wise guy who threw the rock. When we took our shotgun and tried venturing deeper in the woods, I saw a pair of glowing red eyes. There was enough moonlight coming in to see a silhouette and whatever it was, it was probably the size of a brown bear. The rest of the guys didn’t see anything (or so they say). The thing disappeared and everything went quiet.

We just decided to make a run for it. We knew we were dealing with something that we’re not entirely sure we’d want to see face-to-face. We burned rubber and never looked back. To this day, none of us can explain what we saw that night. The thing was strong enough to hurl rocks the size of a bowling ball at such a distance, it was unreal!


Haunted House: My Strange Yorkshire Vacation Summers

We used to own a little vacation home in Yorkshire and every summer, we’d go there with my parents and two siblings. The house isn’t big but it’s definitely old school, like Victorian era design, etc. I’ll be honest, that place creeped me out big-time.

I remember the house having two floors plus the attic. I hated going upstairs and I always, always insist that someone accompany me when I go up because I always had this feeling that someone or something was following me around in that specific floor. My room was probably the size of a broom closet too and I never felt safe in there. I felt safest in the kitchen and that’s where I’d usually hang out with my big brother.

After going there for three summers, I had weird experiences like doors suddenly opening or closing. Several times, I thought I saw shadows forming in the darkest corners of the living room. The living room is the place that I hated the most. I felt that something was in there, watching, just lurking.


One night, my friends have gone home after a dinner party. It was around 11 in the evening and I was just about to say goodnight to my parents. I sat on the sofa waiting for them to finish up cleaning when I swear I felt something sit beside! I saw a dip on the cushions!

I dismissed it as just my imagination but quickly left the sofa to go to my room. As usual, as I go up, I felt something watching from behind. Instead of going to my room, I made a beeline to my parent’s room, which was just in the same floor as mine.

As I passed by the hallway, I casually glanced at the decorative mirror beside the door of my parent’s room. The mirror reflects the wardrobe in one of the vacant rooms in the house. I saw how the wardrobe opened by itself with an eerie creak. That scared the living daylights out of me! I almost ran towards my parents after that but I didn’t tell them what I saw.

But probably one of the scariest experiences I had with that house was when I made the mistake of coming home late at night after a party with one of our neighbors. I was just making my way to my room when I saw an almost skeletal figure of a woman standing in the hallway of the first floor (my big brother and little sister’s rooms are in there). She looked like a solid figure and had a weird, ruffly dress on.

I almost fainted in fear, raced towards the door to my room and shut the door. I never slept a wink after that. After I grew up, I refused going to that house and until two years ago, my dad finally let go of the house since all of his kids refused to visit for the summer.

Haunted House: The Black Abyss In His Eyes

There’s really no other way to say this, I think our house is haunted. Most of my friends know about it (maybe because I won’t shut up about it) but I’m not sure any of them believe it’s the case. I don’t blame them, paranormal things are always unbelievable so to that extent, I know why they find any of my stories weird or too far-fetched. But I swear, I am not making this up.

It all started when I was left home alone last August. I was washing the dishes after eating (of course) when one of the plates I was washing flew halfway across the room and crashed into smithereens on the wall.

I stood there frozen, mystified, unable to piece together what just happened. Suddenly, I felt that I wasn’t alone. From here I quickly washed my hands, hoping to get the hell away from that place until my parents come back. I shut off the lights and was about to run to the neighbor’s house (my best friend, Allie’s house) when someone in that darkened room called me by my name.

I thought I was going insane. I shouted “Leave me the f*ck alone!!! Then I heard a loud “SHHHH.”

I ran towards the door and just as I was about to turn the door knob, someone knocked on the door. I was panting in fear, confused whether I should open the door or not. I looked through the curtains and there was no one there.

Another knock.


I looked through the curtain again and saw a strange man standing there seemingly coming out of nowhere. He was wearing a black coat, a black hat, black dress shoes and a black suit. I recoiled in fear at the sight of him. Just as I was about to turn away from the curtains, his head slowly turned towards me. He lifted his hat and I saw a good look at his face.

I wasn’t sure which part of his features I was scared the most. The fact that his face was unnaturally white, his white head is completely bald, or the fact that his eyes had no irises.

I screamed and screamed until I saw the lights from passing cars on the road and thankfully, they stopped. I summoned the courage to open the door and was stunned to discover that the man was gone, only the people from the car that stopped to my rescue were there. Two teens, they looked confused and scared, exactly what I was feeling at that time.

20 minutes later, my parents were back and I told them what happened, begging them to take me to the police station. We filed a report but so far, no guy from my description sprung up. From there on, I bugged my parents about moving out because I can no longer stand being there alone. We are moving out in December.


Haunted Tales: Vanishing Passenger

As a kid, I’ve always believed in ghosts because my dad claimed to see them all the time. He rarely talked about what he sees or what he experienced but there was one story that even to this day, send chills down my spine.

According to my dad, he used to work as a bus driver in 1976 in the Durham area. Around 10 in the evening, he was making his way down Durham’s country lanes in a single-decker bus that had one door for entry and another for exiting passengers. It was his last run back towards the bus depot office. As we was driving, he noticed a young lady standing at a bus stop, she looked like she was trying to flag the bus and my dad stopped the bus, opened the door and waited for the young woman to ride the bus.

My dad said the girl looked like she was no younger than 23 and from the looks of it, she was crying. He asked the girl is she was heading back towards Durham city center and the woman said yes. My dad felt bad for the crying girl so he said the ride’s free, he was heading to the city center anyway.

The journey back to the city center was uneventful; nothing was out of the ordinary. My dad would occasionally glance back at the girl through the mirror to see if she was alright. The girl has stopped crying and was looking out to the window.


As he was nearing the drop off point, he opened the door for her to leave. She wasn’t moving and looked like she fell asleep. As he stopped the bus at the drop off point, he stood up thinking he’d probably need to wake her up when as he turned around, no one was there!

Shocked, my dad drove to the depot and called for assistance because he could not believe what just happened. The story of the vanishing passenger began to spread around our area and it became apparent that years earlier, a woman fitting the description of the passenger my dad saw, died near where he picked her up.

She was out one night to see her boyfriend and they had a row. She ended up going home alone when she was struck by a car and died on the spot. According to some people, the day my dad picked her up was the anniversary of her death. She was haunting the area, asking rides from random vehicles to Durham city center.


Haunted House: Strange Shadows and Phantom Footsteps

I just moved in to a really old apartment, which, according to my landlord, has been around since the 60s. I really love the old school façade of the building and it was one of the things that really convinced me to stay in my apartment. Paranormal activities were not exactly the first things that popped in my mind when I moved in but later I realized, it’s an inevitability, given the fact that the structure was extremely old. Surprisingly, the first three years that I live in the apartment was largely uneventful, nothing out of the ordinary happened.

But on the fourth year that I lived there I noticed strange things have been happening. One time, I went down the stairs to get a soda from a pop machine. The pop machine was located on the first floor. As I reached the second floor, I suddenly felt an odd, almost tingly feeling down my spine. It’s a weird feeling but the closest that I could articulate what I felt was something was watching me intently from behind. I was almost sure that when I turn around, someone would be standing there behind me. But when I did turn, I was alone. Still, the feeling of being watched persisted and even intensified especially when I get my sodas at night.


But I just shrugged the whole thing off until one afternoon when I was I was doing the same old thing, getting my soda and trying to hurry up because I was creeped out when I swear I heard a door opening. I distinctively heard footsteps coming down the flight of stairs from the third floor to the second floor. I shook off the thought and continued to the last flight of stairs when out of the corner of my eye, I saw a shadowy figure. I snapped my head back expecting to see some guy hanging around but no one was there and I was alone. That’s when I knew something was going on in my building. I almost half ran back to my apartment.

That night, I was lying in bed just reading a book when again, I heard a distinctive “creak” of a door opening. I slid under the covers and tried to ignore the sound then I thought I heard the muffled sound of footsteps nearing my door. It was dark in my bedroom but there is a bit of light because I tend to leave our hallway lights open.

Then, from the light emanating from the space between my door and the floor, I saw a shadow disrupting the flood of light. And it was just standing there on my door, like it knew I was awake and I was waiting for it to come. The shadow stayed in the front of my bedroom door for a good five minutes before it was gone. From there on, I would dread night time and I made it a point to close the hallway lights before I go to bed.

Most times, I still feel like I am being watched but I just do my best to shale things off. I heard from a friend of mine that if you ignore their presence they’d eventually leave you alone which is exactly what I think happened to me.

Haunted Tales: The Shadow in The Woods

I live in a barn where thick woodland was our backyard. As a child, I believed in unseen forces though I never really experienced seeing a ghost. But even then, I knew better than to venture out to the woods. For some inexplicably reason, I felt that something out there lurks within the shadow, quietly waiting, bidding its time.

This weird feeling was reinforced when my dog, Mellie, got lost in the woods. She ran towards it one afternoon for no reason at all. I saw everything because I was looking at her from my window. She was quietly chasing at butterflies when for some reason, her eyes shot to the woods. She started barking at empty space and looked totally agitated. Then, I saw her run towards the woods, as if she was going after something. She didn’t come home for three days. On the fourth day, she was found dead in a clearing, just beyond the woods. She body wasn’t torn or disemboweled and anything like that. But there was no indicative sign of death too so that’s strange as well.


I hated nighttime because the moonlight makes the woods even scarier. We got another dog the spring after Mellie died, a German shepherd I named Timmy. Just like Mellie, Timmy hated the woods. As a pup, he would often turn his eyes away from the woods. When he grew up, he wasn’t as scared at the woods but he won’t venture into it on his own.

One day, just like Mellie, Timmy bolted out of the house and ran into the woods. This time, I was outside so I was able to chase Timmy but not before I grabbed his leash nearby. My dad went after us. I blindly followed Timmy because I was scared that he would die the same way as Mellie. We ran straight for 15 minutes, we were surrounded by old trees and the deafening chirping of the birds. Suddenly, Timmy stopped at a clearing. From the corner of my eyes, I thought I saw a shadow peeking out from the trees. But when I looked again, there was nothing.

I commanded Timmy to come with me. I attached his leash on his collar and pulled him away. He kept barking at nothing and I swear I felt like my heart was about to burst from fear. Just as Timmy was about to go towards the area where I thought I saw something, my dad burst out from behind us with his shotgun. He took Timmy’s leash from my hand, looked around sternly and told us to go back to the house. I took dad’s arm and we headed back

Timmy seemed to have snapped out of his crazed state and obediently padded back with us. I didn’t look back.