Haunted House: Strange Noises

I was awake until 2 in the morning trying to make my dying cat feel as comfortable as possible before she could be put down. I finished working around 2:30 in the morning and left my laptop in my room. I went to the living room looking for Missy, my cat and cuddled until I fell asleep.

Suddenly, I woke up with a start after hearing really loud rock n’ roll music. This is surprising because 1) Except for Missy, I was alone in the apartment and 2) I tend to listen to jazz music.

I stood up and checked the house trying to find the source of the music. I went to my room and found my laptop turned on, playing rock n’ roll music on a white screen. At first, I wasn’t all that freaked out because I figured it must’ve been my brother trying to play a trick on me. My brother visited two days prior to the time this happened. Yeah, that must be it.


I went back to the living room just to make sure if Missy hasn’t passed while I was checking the house. A few minutes later, I almost jumped out of my skin when I heard loud tapping on all windows in the house!

From there on, I lived in fear. I avoided looking out the window at night, scared to see what might be looking back from the beyond. Scary things started happening in the house. There was one time when I almost fell off the bed because my bed was being pushed down by an unseen force. I also heard my voice being screamed in my ear. Things started missing or turning up in weird places in my house. Three days before hearing loud music, I woke up with three massive scratch marks on my left foot.

The last straw was Missy, she fell ill for no reason at all. There were times when I would catch Missy growing at something, baring her teeth and spitting at my door. I would often see small wounds or tender spots on Missy’s side but I figured she must’ve been fighting with other cats. Now, I realize it wasn’t the neighbor’s cats at all. It was something else.

Missy refuses to leave my side and follows me everywhere in the house. I was so scared of leaving her alone while I worked and couldn’t believe my luck when my boss told me I could start working from home. I wasn’t aware of any strange occurrences in the house until I started spending more time at home. My brother told me he never had any strange experiences when I begged him to stay with me for two weeks.

After Missy passed, I decided to move out. I heard that the building where my old apartment was located will be torn down. I felt relieved after hearing the news.

Haunted By Dad

I used to live with my grandparents in Kentucky. I was around 18 and it was during the time my dad died did my grandparents took me in. A week after my dad’s funeral, my grief-stricken grandma called granddad to ask if I could take my dad’s old room. I moved in with the intention of finding a decent job and getting a place near my grandparent’s place.


Four months later, I was just getting ready for bed because I needed to wake up early for work the next morning. I was just about to fall asleep when I felt something tapping me by the shoulder. My eyes flew open and with shaky hands, turned on the lampshade.

Nothing. No one was there.

I was silently freaking out and went out of my room to check on my grandparents, they were fast asleep. I went to the living room to check and there’s no one there either. So, seeing that the house was safe, I went back to bed. I thought nothing of it and it was a month later when I would come across another strange experience.

I was fast asleep in the middle of the night when I suddenly woke up confused. I felt like something was beside me on the bed. I was on my side facing the nightstand and panicked. I jumped out of bed half expecting someone sleeping beside me but there’s no one there. It was unreal! I distinctively felt something on the bed with me that time and ghosts were the farthest thing from my mind because I thought there’s no such thing. I went to the kitchen to get myself a glass of water to calm down and went back to my room. I thought it would be the last of the strange occurrences that will happen to me in that room.

Wrong again!

A couple of months later, I woke up to find myself looking up the ceiling. This is strange because I don’t usually wake up alert and painfully aware of my surroundings. I suddenly felt like I was being watched. I turned my head slowly towards the door and totally went crazy when I saw a solid black mass of a man standing there.

I was so shocked but at the same time, I couldn’t move. I was glued to the bed, shaking harder than a leaf in the middle of a snowstorm. As soon as I blinked it was gone. As time went on, such midnight experience happened a lot and it wasn’t until I met a girl whose third eye was open did she identify the ghost. It was my dad.

Apparently, he just wanted me to know that he’s still around and that he’s always be looking out for me. I alsoI heard from my grandparents that they too came across weird experiences immediately after my dad’s funeral.

Haunted Dreams and The Darkness

I tell people I’m a skeptic but there are times that I cannot deny strange things happening in this house. Like doors opening and shutting themselves, lights randomly flickering and completely shutting off on their own, things like that. At first, I thought it has to be faulty wiring or the wind; I blame everything from other things except THAT. Because the idea of a ghost haunting this old house is so preposterous (I’m being sarcastic, btw).

I remember when I was a teen, I fell asleep on the couch after attending a friend’s birthday party. I remember waking up and hearing people playing poker in the other room. I swear I could still hear the good-natured bickering, the smell of smoke in the air. I opened my eyes, expecting to see light emanating from the other room but there wasn’t. It was completely dark and I was alone.


Then I remember another time when my sister’s doll, which sings when you press a tiny button on its back, sang on its own while I was reading a book. It totally freaked me out. I had my sister get rid of the doll (she hid it somewhere in the house, I believe). Some nights, I swear I can still hear its eerie song.

“Sunshiny day by the meadow, me and my friends play”
“Off to the hills, we come and play”
“Down by the river where the fishies swim”

It has to be a dream. My sister was all grown up during these moments, there’s no way she’s still playing with dolls.

I dread going to the bathroom when I was younger. I felt like evil thing was watching while I do my business in there. There was so many times I distinctively felt a hand brush against my leg. I didn’t tell anyone because I was afraid being called a wuss. Then my granddaddy died when I was sixteen. He died the eve of his birthday, which I thought was ironic. My granddad and I, we were pretty tight.

By this time, I knew I could see things that most people can’t. And sure enough, minutes after my granddaddy died, I saw him walk noiselessly in the hospital corridor, a smile on his face. It was at that moment that I was grateful for my gift. Other times, it’s a hassle. I don’t particularly enjoy creepy interruptions from lost souls the rest of the time.

Haunted Attic: That Thump-Thumping Noise

You know those times in the day when everything is so quiet and you hear weird sounds you shouldn’t be hearing?

There, I heard it again, a slow thumping sound like someone rummaging through the countless boxes that are collecting dust in the attic.





It went on in what feels like forever (probably just a couple of minutes, if I’m being rational). This wouldn’t be so scary if it were not for the fact that 1) I live alone. Well not alone. My cat, Uncle Fester is with me. And 2) This is an extremely old, creepy creaky house. So creepy that I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Salem witches rising from their graves off the kitchen floor (it’s an old urban legend).






I feel like my heart was beating so fast, it’s about to jump off my chest. I never had the guts to check out what’s making that noise. In the five years that I lived in this house, I’ve only gone to the attic once. And it was only because my nephews discovered the place and decided to play hide and seek in a sea of dust bunnies and taped up old boxes.





What’s making that raket?!

In my mind, I dismissed it as a rat (a big one) or any other restless critter who made the attic their home. I dunno about you but I find it easier to take to know that rats were making that noise than say, an angry ghost from the 18th century?





The noise is getting louder than Uncle Fester’s whiskers were turning up. He was looking cautiously on the ceiling probably wondering what’s going on in there.

And then there was silence.

Then a seemingly huge boxcrashed on the attic floor, making Uncle Fester and I jump, startled. I summoned the courage to go up there and check to see what’s going on. It’s 11 in the morning, nothing can’t be that bad when there’s light, right?

I made my way through the hallway. Was the lighting off or the end of it seemed darker than the usual? My heart was beating so fast, I could hardly hear anything. Nor can I feel Uncle Fester swishing his tail against my leg.

I toll a deep breath. I walk slowly. Uncle Fester followed. I reach for the doorknob, twisted it open and braced myself.

I was surprised at how dark the attic was, especially since the sun was high up in the sky. I tentatively went inside. Uncle Fester wouldn’t budge, he sat near the doorframe.

Hello? Is  anyone there?

Something moved. It stepped forward but I slammed the door too quickly to check the silhouette. I raced back to the living room, panting, sweating profusely. Getting a grip a few minutes later, I felt foolish for scaring so easily.

I glanced up the ceiling then my eyes wandered to the clock. It’s 4 in the afternoon. How could it be? I swear I was only gone for a few minutes! Without thinking I grabbed my emergency bag that I keep behind the front door.

I spent the rest of the night in the nearby motel with Uncle Fester.


The Haunted Hotel Room

I’ve always been a beach bunny for as long as I can remember. Every year, I travel to different places and each trip is never complete without a stay at the nearby beach. So yeah, I’ve had my fair share of strange encounters during my trips. Possibly the most memorable one was a stay from a small sea resort where I was supposed to meet up with several friends.

This happened, like, five years ago so the details may be hazy but the exact moment where the haunting happened is burned in my mind. I was boarded in a cozy room at the end of the corridor. The view was pretty, it was overlooking the ocean and I would spend my mornings just taking in the sights from my hotel window.

One particular night, I spent almost all night cooped up in my room (I had bouts of food poisoning that time). I decided to sleep early, changed and went to the bathroom. Suddenly, I felt something odd. Like a certain feeling of heaviness took over my body. I was creeped up but paid it no mind and did my business. Minutes after, I switched off the lights and was drifted off to sleep.

haunted hotel

Something woke me up.

My eyes flew open as I heard the sound of running water in the bathroom. I distinctively recall shutting tight all the taps so I was somewhat surprised and confused as to why I was hearing running water in the bath. At first, I dismissed the sound as coming from the other room or that my mind must’ve been playing tricks.

I felt myself drifting off to sleep again when I felt “someone” was sitting on the bed, just inches away from me. Panic filled my head, at first, I thought someone definitely barged into my room and I lay there for a few minutes, frozen in fear and unsure what to do next.

Without looking, I let out a horrified scream (in hopes of scaring the stranger into fleeing), bolted right up, clumsily unlatched the bolt and ran down the corridor, all the while hearing footfalls chasing after me! Someone was definitely in the room and if it weren’t for my quick-thinking, I would’ve been in serious trouble!

I felt like a fool as soon as I reached the bottom of the stairs, near the reception area where one bleary-eyed receptionist looked up to me with an amused look on his face. I spent the rest of the night in another room. The morning after, the hotel manager confided that exactly two months before, a couple checked into the room I was staying in and the woman was found dead in the bathroom the next morning. The guy she was with was never found because he left the hotel in the middle of the night to avoid catching anyone’s attention. I was shaking the whole time he retold me the story and I was somewhat miffed that I was boarded in that room!

I don’t know for sure what really happened, if there was indeed someone who crept into my bed that night but these days, I rarely ever check into a hotel on my own!

The Music Box

I never met my mom. I heard that she died when I was two months old and my dad rarely ever talks about her. My sister, she was a bit lucky, she was ten when my mom passed away. I grew up in a small town where everyone knows everyone. And the problem with knowing other people’s stories is that rumors run rampant. The rumors surrounding my mom’s death is probably one that I’ve yet to fully discover for myself.

I heard she died in the hands of her lover. One that dad mercilessly hacked to death. I heard this when I was eight and it got stuck to my head because it was my playmate, Carl, who told me the story. He said he heard it from his mom, which is supposedly my mom’s best friend. I never asked my dad about it. I was afraid to find out the truth after that.

My mom wasn’t completely erased from my life. Far from it. My dad made sure we know little things about her, even keeping an old picture of her hanging by the living room. On my tenth birthday, he gave me my mom’s old music box. There wasn’t anything peculiar about the music box at first, it was just an ordinary, albeit weathered, wooden box that you wind up at the bottom.

music box

I remember the first time dad handed me the music box. It was a Saturday afternoon, I was just about to play in the yard with my friends. Dad stopped me suddenly before I barreled out of the house and sat me down and showed me the beat-up music box. He told me how my mom used to wind up the music box to help me fall asleep (I was a fussy kid, it seemed) and he figured he’d give it to me because my mom said the music box is special.

I felt a cold, somewhat dreadful sense of foreboding when my dad handed me that music box. I was hesitant to take it simply because I felt a bit creeped out over the thing. I got a sense that somehow this music box isn’t all that it appeared to be.

That night I peered closely into the box. Despite my fears, I opened it thinking something bad was hidden somewhere within the box. Relief washed over me when I saw nothing. Just your typical music box with the small ballerina going round and round as you wind it up. I placed the box near my dresser and went to sleep.

I realized this isn’t an ordinary music box. Every night at 3:00 AM, the music would play. I tried staying up late just to see who keeps opening my music box when I’m asleep but I always end up fast asleep before 11. Hey, I was 10.

I told my dad what happened and he just brushed me off, telling me it’s just my mind playing tricks. I never understood my dad’s indifference towards anything related to my mom. But to me, I know it’s not just my mind playing tricks. I felt that maybe my mom is still winding up the music box for me, helping lull me to bed so we can see each other in my dreams.

The Haunted Woods

A story from Derrick

I’ve heard on the net about this place, the woods behind a deserted field, people were saying it was haunted.

After walking across the field, you get on a little trail and maybe after a 5 minute walk, you start to see some weirdness.

Not paranormal weirdness but just junk, dolls, a huge and decayed wooden arch acting like gate to perhaps the haunted part of the woods.

The story about this place goes like this.

A cult used to hold strange ceremonies at that exact place, some people think this was a dark cult.

Nowadays, people who visit the place claims to hear music even tho no house is even near. Voices have also been reported as well as shadows have been seen.

Me and my friends were very curious and went there on a summer night, with our flashlights. We found the trail and it wasn’t long before we reached the big arch.

The locals say not to go beyond the arch. If you actually ask locals about that place and the cult, you get a very weird reaction, they don’t want to talk about it for some reasons.

But of course, we didn’t came that far to just stop at the arch, we went through it.

As we walked under it, we felt the atmosphere change. We felt observed, we suddenly couldn’t hear any noise from the wildlife, no bird, no insects, nothing. There was no wind at that time so we were hearing no sounds at all. It was very eerie.

It is then we started to hear a faint music, like a gypsy music but we couldn’t figure out where it came from. It sounded a bit like that.

We then sat down and tried to listen to what we were hearing.

I then started to pick up faint laughing.

Then my friend jumped up as he heard a loud “Hi” in his hear.

We tried to regain our composure and walked a little further into the woods.

Maybe 20 minutes later, we saw a ball of light moving behind the trees. This was not someone else with a flashlight as this thing was also moving up and down and it must have went at least 20 feet into the air.

A little spooked, we decided to retreat. Not long after we started to see shadows cross the light beam of our flashlight.

Now extremely spooked, we decided to run and get the heck of there.

As we were running, my friend tripped and fell on the ground. He swears he fell something, a force push him down.

After a good run, we were now in the field, in a safe place.

That same night, me and my two friends dreamed of those woods and we all saw the same things, a cult with hooded leaders chanting something.

Now I know why locals fear this place.

Real Estate Photographer Meets Ghost

A story from Andrew

I’m a real estate photographer and because of my job, I sometimes end up working in some very old houses, some creepier than others. I must have worked in hundreds and hundreds of house of the years and I’d say at least 10 were probably haunted but now, I want to tell you about my most frightening experience.

I would say more than half of the house I’m doing the owner is not home. This time I was working with my real estate agent friend and as it happens sometimes, he leaves me alone to do my things. He usually stay around to take measurement, etc… but I’d say a third of the time, he leaves me alone and come back an hour later.

Now this house was really old but was fully renovated and painted over – yellow. As I always do, I started taking pictures of the exterior of the house from all sorts of angles. I was then near the door taking pictures of the porch when a little kid of around 9 passed by the house, coming from school, and asked me, “Hey, is this house haunted?”

I was kinda stunned by the question and asked him why was he under the belief that this nice old house was haunted? He said that one time, he the door of the very old shed next to the house open by itself.

The Haunted Shed

The Haunted Shed

Oh no. That kinda spooked me right before I was to enter the house, by myself and go room to room taking pictures.

So anyway, I courageously entered the house and proceeded with my work as I am a professional after all, I had to do the work before the real estate agent came back.

I’m not the sensitive type that will immediately feel the presence of ghostly energy as soon as he steps into a haunted house but I really felt creeped out, as if I entered a house I wasn’t welcomed in. You know the feeling you get when you don’t feel welcome to a certain place? Well, same feeling but here, there’s no one there giving you the nasty look.

So after I did the kitchen, I proceeded to the bathroom just next to it. I kept trying to avoid looking and photographing the big mirror, scarred that I would see something.

So after doing the entire first floor without too many issues, I proceeded to the second floor.

I was first met by a mysterious sound. As I got closer, I realized that it was water running from the opened faucet in the bathroom, just slightly. Could the owner had left the faucet running? Was this a faulty faucet as it was quite old? Or did a ghost open it just for me? That freaked me out but I kept my cool, closed the faucet, took a picture of the small bathroom and move to the master bedroom.

As I was taking picture of the master bedroom, I heard a loud noise coming from the child bedroom. Imagining what It could be, I didn’t rush in and finished taking pictures of the room I was in.

Apprehending the worst, I approached the kid bedroom with the firm intention of taking only one photo while not even entering the room. As I press the shutter, I hear the water running from the faucet again which made me run down the stairs in less than probably 2 seconds.

But now I had the basement to do.

I knew the basement was unfinished and it would take me less than a minute to do so I decided to go outside and waited for my friend the real estate agent to come back. There was no way I was going down there alone.

As he came back, I tried to explain to him that the house was haunted and needed him to go with me in the basement for a few quick photos.

He laughed at me assuring me that ghosts don’t exist and that I was just spooking myself like a little does when it’s dark in his bedroom.

Ok I thought, let’s make this interesting.

I bet him $5 that he couldn’t stay a full 5 minutes in the basement. At that point, I had no idea if the basement was haunted or not but I had an idea. What would a basement be left unfinished for so long?

Well, he took the bet.

It didn’t take 2 minutes for him to run out of the basement after hearing a growl right next to his hear. He later told me that this happened about 5 seconds after he thought seeing a shadow moving across the basement. He first dismissed it as nothing but his imagination but the growl he heard made him change his mind very quickly.

We both exited the house, locked the door and quickly left.

I later learned that a murder was committed in this house and as a real estate agent, my friend was obligated to reveal that to potential buyers.

The house only got one visit and my friend lost his contract 6 months later. I can tell you that he wasn’t mad at all!

The Black-eyed Children

black eye kids

Super creepy story submitted  by Michelle about the black-eyed kids. If you have never heard of such things, I suggest you check this out.

It was early in the morning and I had just returned home from taking my two children to school. I was in the kitchen washing the dishes from breakfast while listening to the radio. I thought I heard a faint knocking underneath the music. So, I turned off the faucet, dried my hands and turned down the radio. The knocking erupted again. It was awkward and unnecessarily spaced.

As I walked towards the front door, the knocking became faster and more consistent. Each footfall seemed to speed up the knocks until there were almost no pauses. The stream of rapid knocks continued without taking a breath.

There was a sudden unease in my stomach as I reached the door. I peered out the peephole and saw two children staring back at me, smiling. The one knocking looked to be around twelve years of age, the other about ten. They both had fair skin and dark hair, most likely brothers.

I opened the door despite a nagging internal warning. When I asked if I could help them and questioned why they weren’t in school, the younger boy replied by asking me if they could come inside.

“Is everything alright?” I asked.

“The phone.” He said.

“You need to use the phone?”

They both nodded in synchronization. I told them to wait here and I’d bring them the phone.

Their faces contorted into scowls and I watched as their eyes filled with what looked like a black liquid. It splashed over their irises and whites until their eyes were nothing but black pits, two sets of one endless abyss.

“Let us in,” the older boy said. His smile returned.

“It’s food time,” the younger boy added, as he twitched his head to the side, contorting his neck.

“Let us in.”

“It’s food time.”

“Let us in.”

“It’s food time.”

“Let us in.”

“It’s food time.”

They continued to repeat the same two phrases over and over again while their black eyes reflected my terrified expression back to me. I slammed the door and locked it. I could still hear them chanting on the other side of the door, but when I looked out the peephole, they had vanished. The chants faded soon after.

My skin still crawls every time I think of those empty stares. Their eyes looked like they could slurp up a million souls and still be hungry for more. That image loiters around the corners of my memory, waiting for the perfect moment to pounce. Whenever I’m alone, whenever there’s a knock at the door or a creak in the house, that’s when I see them again.

Ouija Possession

Submitted by Sophie

 It was spring break. My boyfriend and I shared an apartment off campus. Most of our friends had left town for the week so we were bored. We were lying in bed one night, just talking. The conversation evolved towards the paranormal. We traded strange stories and had a discussion about what we think “ghosts” are.

I mentioned to him that I still have a Ouija board that my mom gave for Christmas when I was a kid. He got all excited and asked me to get it out. So, I lit some candles, turned off all the lights and we got started.

Everything started off harmless. We asked if anyone was present that wanted to communicate and the planchette slowly inched towards yes. It doesn’t move like it does in the movies. It’s really slow and the answer pops in your head before it even gets there, or completely spells anything out.

There were a couple of questions after that, but I don’t remember them. The next thing I remember is my boyfriend asking, “Are you of God?”

The candle flames flickered and the planchette made its way towards “no”. As it did, I felt heat surge through my hands, and up my arms. My boyfriend later told me that he looked up from the board to find me staring at him. Then he saw my eyes flutter.

Meanwhile, I remember a shift in perception. I could sense that he was scared. I heard his heart pounding with fear and I found it hilarious. I started laughing and I couldn’t stop for a few seconds. The feeling that came over me was enjoyable.
He tried to act like nothing was wrong and decided to put the board away.

“I’m tired,” he said. “Let’s go to bed.”

I agreed, smirking all the while, and we laid back down. I vividly remember hearing his pounding heart and thinking of amusing ways to stop it. I desperately wanted to kill him and thought it would be the funniest thing ever. I also remember sneering at the cross he wore around his neck. Suddenly, I thought it was the most hideous piece of jewelry I had ever seen.

After just a few minutes, he got up out of bed. He started pacing around the bedroom and shouting, “Get out of our house!”

A part of me knew who he was talking to. He wasn’t talking to me, but the answer came from inside me anyway.

“No!” I shouted back.

I guess he took that as confirmation of what he thought was going because he came over to me and laid a hand on my head. When he began praying, I begged him to stop and tried to assure him that everything was fine.

Everything gets a little fuzzy from here on out. Somehow we ended up on the kitchen floor. I was crying, uncontrollably. He demanded me to accept Christ into my heart. He kept repeating, “Say it!”

When I finally did, I was filled with peace. It was the most calming and soothing feeling I’ve ever had. He must have felt the shift in energy too because he hugged me and we just sat on the kitchen floor holding each other for I don’t know how long.

The remainder of our time in that apartment was difficult. We were always seeing shadows out of the corner of our eyes. There was always the feeling of being watched and we always sensed a presence there with us. After our split, I still experience unexplained incidents every so often. I think it’s still around me, waiting.